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We buy books all year at our Downtown store, located at 525 Willamette St, and are happy to look at one book or many boxes at a time. Here are a few guidelines to clarify the process and make your book selling experience satisfying:

  1. You need current Oregon identification to sell books at our stores. Driver’s licenses or state issued identification, current University of Oregon, Lane Community College, or Northwest Christian College student or faculty identification is acceptable. Passports, out-of-state driver’s licenses, photocopied identification are not accepted.
  2. We only pay cash for the books we buy. We do not offer trade or issue store credit.
  3. We do not pay a percentage of the new price. The amount we offer is based on the new price, our stores’ inventories (how many copies are on the shelves), demand for the book (whether people are asking us for this book), our experience and professional judgement (what we know about the book), and other factors. In the end, we will pay you as much as we think the book is worth, which is an amount we think is informed and fair.
  4. Bring your books to either store. We have buyers available at both stores during the designated buying hours who are experienced with all kinds of books. Whichever store is most convenient for you is where you should go.
  5. Do not take books that we reject at one store to the other store. Our buyers will buy every book that both stores need. It wastes our time to have to look through them again at the other store.
  6. Make sure your books are clean and in good condition. We do not buy books that are dirty, torn, or in “as is’ condition. If your books have been stored in garages, attics, or storage lockers, make sure they are clean, dry, and mildew free.

Here’s an outline of kinds of books that we do not usually buy. It’s helpful to us and easier for you if you leave these books at home or donate them to a local charity rather than bringing them to our stores.

We never buy:
Out-dated textbooks
Books that need to be cleaned or repaired
Christian inspirational writings
Christian self help
Romances (we buy a few current paperback writers)
Book club hardback fiction
Reader’s Digest condensed books
Hardback true crime

Some subjects become out-dated very fast. If you are selling computer or software books,business and investment titles, or travel guides, check the copyright date. If they are more than two years old, then we probably will not buy them. We always buy current books in these subjects, but not old editions that no one needs anymore.

In the end, if you are unsure, let our buyers decide.